Heartwood Gallery

Beautiful Handmade Crafts

At Heartwood we honor and celebrate American Craft every day, year round. We are passionate about it. It’s all we do and everything we do. It is a simple concept and yet complex. Simply, we represent artists who work creatively with their hands in studios across North America, designing and producing pieces for beauty as well as function.

After centuries of industrial and technological progress one can ask, “Why make things by hand?” After all, it simply is not necessary to craft a vessel, an adornment, or an article of clothing. But the heart of the matter is that we are complex creatures and connectivity matters. Creativity connects, not only the maker to the muse and the process, but also the user to the creator and the material. We seek the best of American craft and bring it to you with the stories intact. We understand the responsibility that comes with representing beautiful items created by hand. It is our part in the web that binds so we present it to you beautifully, with reverence and gratitude.